Geneva Show 2010 Highlights: BMW 5-Series ActiveHybrid Concept

BMW’s hybrid countdown continues. Following on from the 7 Series and X6 ActiveHybrids, the new 5 Series version is all set to make its Geneva Motor Show debut.

The Concept ActiveHybrid 5 Series features the latest version of BMW’s modular hybrid drivetrain. Under the bonnet there’s the same 300bhp 3.0-litre straight six that powers the 535i, equipped with a specially-tuned hybrid stop start system. Sandwiched between the engine and eight-speed automatic gearbox is a 54bhp (40kW) electric motor which draws its power from a boot-mounted battery.

An automatic clutch ensures that power is switched seamlessly between the conventional engine and motor, disengaging the power sources as necessary. The hybrid system allows the car to be powered by electricity alone, or use the electric motor and engine in combination to boost performance when accelerating. The motor also acts as a generator on the overrun and when braking, feeding electricity back to the battery.

The hybrid 5 also features intelligent energy management system. Using sensors in the engine and dampers, and taking into account any pre-programmed route in the satnav, the system analyses how the car has been driven and where it’s heading to and works out the most efficient way for the hybrid system to operate.

For example, if you have a long, downhill stretch of motorway coming up, the car primes itself to regenerate as much energy as possible. The system is also programmed to ensure that the battery is fully charged as you near the your journey’s end, maximising the amount of time that the petrol engine can be switched off. BMW claims the system extends electric range by 30 per cent. For more details click here.
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