Geneva Show 2010 Highlights: I.D.E.A Sofia Concept

Remember that funky I.DE.A ERA roadster shown at the 2009 Geneva show? We didn't either until we were told it served as the design forerunner for the Institute's SOFIA sedan that's on display at this year's Geneva event. The female figure supposedly influenced the car's design, but we're not seeing much of that influence.

The I.DE.A Institute is a firm that claims it can handle every stage of the product development cycle from an initial sketch on up to prototype production. Designs for the Daihatsu Move and Fiat Tipo were created by I.DE.A, which is headquartered in Turin, Italy.

The SOFIA sedan is supposed to be powered by a transverse-mounted V-8 engine of unknown origin that develops up to 400 horsepower. An optional hybrid system could add another 100 horsepower to the tally and utilize lithium-polymer batteries. Interestingly enough, the sedan could be front- or rear-wheel drive and hybrids would send power to all four wheels. A hybrid SOFIA would be able to run on battery power for some distance, but I.DE.A isn't giving out many specifics on range or speed limitations in EV mode - likely because it's vaporware at this point.

Dimensionally, the SOFIA is an inch longer than a BMW 750i sedan at 200.6 inches, nearly three inches wider, and about three-and-a-half inches shorter in height, with a virtually identical wheelbase of 120.6 inches. Those dimensions should comfortably accommodate four adults and the batteries for the hybrid system.
Thanks to: Motor Trend
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