New Concept Car: Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell

It’s official. These are the first pictures of Mercedes’ electric-powered supercar, based on the SLS AMG. Resplendent in a lurid yellow paint scheme called AMG lumilectric magno, the SLS was always conceived with electric power in mind.

In order to make the switch from petrol to electric, AMG’s engineers haven’t had to make any changes to the SLS’s aluminium spaceframe chassis. However, the front suspension has been redesigned to accommodate the electric motors. The electric SLS is four-wheel drive, with a motor driving each wheel.

These are powered by lithium ion polymer batteries, developed especially for the car by Mercedes, located where the engine would be, and between and behind the seats.

Performance is impressive. The SLS E-Cell boasts 526bhp and 880Nm of torque available as soon as you press the throttle. Mercedes claims that the car will sprint from 0-62mph in 4.0 seconds, will hit 125mph in 11.0 seconds and will reach a top speed of 186mph. Range is currently at 100 miles, and charging takes an hour.

The car uses the optional ceramic brakes, which are 40 per cent lighter than the standard stoppers. The exterior design has been tweaked to include more vents, a different diffuser to account for the lack of exhausts, and a front splitter which extends at speeds of over 70mph, or can be controlled by the driver at any time.

On the inside, there’s a huge 10-inch touch screen on the centre console, which operates audio, climate, and navigation functions. There are new park, reverse, and drive buttons for selecting gears. The dash dials are changed too.

The car has been built as a halo model for AMG’s Performance Strategy 2015 which sees all the cars it produces go up in performance, but with reduced emissions. It will be built in limited numbers from 2013, where it will compete with the likes of the Audi R8 E-tron. For more details click here.
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