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Buick owes its life to the Chinese auto market, if the brand did not get an early foothold in the door in China then there is no doubt that the brand would have gone the way of Saturn a long time ago, in the US market the brand only appealed to the silver haired army whilst youngsters ignored the brand completely, in China the Buick brand gained its name for being an affordable luxury brand. Although Buick China line up is now populated by re-badged Opel models, the Buick brand continues to sell in major numbers.

Major automotive site, Auto 163, set about putting what they think Buick’s next Chinese made SUV will look like, and the result seems to be a baby Enclave. The Enclave is on sale in China but is an imported model from the US, the Enclave does offer excellent value for money when compared with other imported luxury SUV’s, so it is likely that the new baby SUV will offer the same value for money.

According to Auto163 we should see a concept version at the end of the year and then it is likely to make it to the market in early to mid 2012, the new Baby Buick SUV will be riding on top of the Opel Astra platform which is already produced in China for the Buick Excell and also the Chevrolet Cruze.

Thanks to: Chinese Car Times

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