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Daihatsu Esse is a 5 door hatchback kei car. It was launched in late 2005 and it’s the cheapest car in Japan at prices of 682,500 yen – 1,123,500 yen. Unfortunately it not popular in Japan.Some of the reason must be too cheap design and engineering.Daihatsu know that.So, they heading to Toyota to get help and make more volume.The new Esse will be rebadge and sell by Toyota.

The new Esse is not look like low cost car anymore as best car of Japan show us the rendering. The engine will be 660 CC 58 hp/6.5kgm. Fuel economy just 34.5 k.m./liter in Japan’s 10.15 mode.Very impressive, that because of A new Eco-Idle system with pre-stop idle reduction functions and Eco power generation control (with regenerative braking functions).

Shell body is to achieve a weight reduction of around 60 kg that made the total weight is just 750 kg. New technology include air resistance, rolling resistance and thermal management in the engine room

The car will arrive Daihatsu showroom in August and Toyota showroom before end of 2011.The prices of the car will be slightly increase (start at 800,000 yen).

Thanks to: Autoten

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