Hot News: Renault Plans Alpine Tribute at Paris Motor Show 2012

Renault looks set to reveal a follow-up to the iconic Renault Alpine A110 at the Paris motor show this autumn. The firm is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the A110 Berlinetta this year and Renault design chief Laurens van den Acker told Autocar “it would be remiss not to do something” to celebrate the original Alpine.

A question remains as to whether a new Alpine coupĂ© could become a production reality — assuming there’s a positive reaction to the show concept.

“These things live by the grace of the day,” said van den Acker. “In my view, the best thing for a designer is always to have something cooking in the corner. Then when the planets line up, you have something ready.”

Steve Norman, Renault’s marketing chief, said the firm “knew what to do” about a production Alpine, but it “was a question what size of market it could take”.

He added: “We have to ask: ‘Is there room in today’s car market to build something that could be compared to a Porsche?’ In any case, for an Alpine to make sense financially, it would have to sell in North America and China.”

Van den Acker also talked up the prospects for the striking DeZir concept eventually making production. “It’s not realistic to expect us to produce a rival for Ferrari or Lamborghini; our badge would not support that yet. But with the new [electric] technologies coming through, anything is possible.”

Thanks to: Autocar

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