Chicago Show 2012 Highlights: 2013 Acura RDX

Car companies only get one chance to introduce their new cars. But between sketches, renderings, concepts, teasers, and leaks, they’re quickly learning how to exploit the internet for more opportunities to discuss cars prior to actually revealing them. Acura apparently realized too late that it had blown the opportunity to draw out the introduction of its 2013 RDX and settled for calling the car that officially debuted at the Detroit auto show a prototype. At the Chicago show, Acura is introducing a production RDX.

What’s changed on the RDX from prototype to production vehicle? The paint. Apparently silver is a prototype color. And the wheels. Also, the RDX has a strut front suspension and a multilink rear (we hadn’t told you that before) and something called Amplitude Reactive Dampers. Free advice to Acura marketing: Call them Adaptive Amplitude Reactive Dampers, pair them with a camera-based system that scans the road ahead and primes the shocks for upcoming imperfections, call the latter Visual Anticipation of Road Kinematics, and your initialism could be AARDVARK. Also, please stick to just introducing your cars once.

Thanks to: Car and Driver

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