Jaguar will offer more extreme and more luxurious versions of its products as part of its expansion plans, global brand director Adrian Hallmark confirmed.

The move follows the sales success of £100,000-plus models such as the XKR-S, the most powerful mass-produced Jaguar ever, and the XJ Ultimate edition, with its highly opulent cabin. More modest upgrades, such as Speed Pack styling for the XF, have also been a success, particularly in Russia and China.

“It’s clear from our research that Jaguar has a strong enough brand name to participate in more of this sort of business,” said Hallmark. “We’ve proven that we can build £100,000-plus cars that sell, and these projects are one way of pushing the brand further upmarket.”

Hallmark wouldn’t give specifics, but emphasised that creating higher-priced cars was a prerequisite to expansion into new areas like the mooted small saloon and crossover.

“Whatever we do must expand the brand and protect the brand,” he said. “We must push what we have into the areas where we can gain sales and then look at what else is out there.”

Thanks to: Autocar